Whats New With The Next Vw Golf R

What’s New with the Next VW Golf R

The Volkswagen Golf R is one of the long-awaited upgrades in the automotive field this year. The GTI and the Golf R are set to reach the western shores this year which will ensure that it won’t miss the eighth-generation non-performance version Golf.

Performance cars are always a draw in the US. However, according to Jost Capito, who is the head of performance cars for VW, this one will be missing two key features. He confirmed that the Volkswagen Golf R will be released in the US without four-wheel steering and without the much-coveted drift mode. The bad news is that two of its biggest rivals, the Renault Megane RS and the Ford Focus RS do offer these options as standard fare on their newest models.

In a recent interview with a top magazine, Capito confirmed that next-generation Golf R models will not be emulating the Mk3 Ford Focus RS which is known for its Drift mode technology.

When it comes to fun driving, the Focus RS is first in its class making Drift mode a perfect compliment for that particular car model. On the other hand, the focus of the Golf R is not the same, which is why it will have different but no less robust drive systems. Further, the Golf R is going to be a compact hot hatch with all-wheel drive. This makes all-wheel-steering, like in the Renault Megane RS a possibility. Though a novel feature, putting an all-wheel-drive system in a small car such as the Golf R is superfluous and unnecessary.

On the surface it may seem like the Golf R is being set up for poor performance, but Capito has assured hatch fans that it will be getting a power boost. The version currently present in the US boasts a 280 pound-feet (380 Nm) torque and turbocharged 2.0-liter engine that puts out a whopping 288 horsepower. This is no small amount, so it begs to question exactly how much more power is planned for the new model.

The production team is tight-lipped but we can look forward to its reveal next year. In the meanwhile, you can also look forward to October 2019 when the Mk8 Golf will hit the streets for your driving pleasure.

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